Welcome to Wide Bay Seedlings

We are innovative wholesale suppliers of a range of seedlings to farms all over Australia.

Our products are grown to order, so we can supply you exactly what you need at the highest quality.

We specialise in:

  • Vegetable Seedlings
  • Grafted Melons
  • Macadamia Trees
  • Tissue Culture De-flasking
  • Much more!

Since our humble beginnings, we have grown to a nursery that employs over 60 staff and delivers seedlings all over the country on our own fleet of trucks.

Our History

Wide Bay Seedlings started in 2008 as a small nursery with six employees. Today the nursery has expanded to cover 10 acres and supplies seedlings to farms all over Australia. Wide Bay Seedlings currently employs over 60 locals from the Wide Bay area.

The nursery is located south-west of Maryborough in an area with no horticultural crops so there is reduced disease and insect pressure on the plants.

Seedlings are transported by our own fleet of trucks in custom built seedling bins that offer protection to plants both during transit and whilst on farm.

Our Facilities

Based near Tiaro on Queensland’s Fraser Coast, our facilities have grown immensely since we started back in 2008. We have a variety of plants and areas for specialty growing. You explore further on our ‘Facilities’ Page

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